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Tskaltubo, the incredible Georgian spa town

Are you intourbex and discovery? Tskaltubo is sure to impress. This former spa town, a 20-minute drive from Kutaisi airport inwestern Georgia, still bears witness to its heyday during the Soviet era.

Indeed, Stalin made it a holiday resort for his soldiers, and no less than hundreds of thousands of people visited Tskaltubo every year. In those days, five trains a day from Moscow arrived in the small Georgian town.

Today, some sanatoria are still in operation. Others are explored by photographers who love urban discovery. All in an enchanting setting, with a superb park where you can enjoy a stroll or a bike ride.

If you’re looking for a wellness cure that’s much more affordable than in Western Europe, and in a place that’s out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to call on us.

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