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Discover Svanetia

Georgia’s Caucasus mountains are home to Svanetia, known for its medieval villages, stone churches and defense towers, as well as breathtaking mountain views.

The mountains of Georgia’s Svanetia region attract visitors with their peaks rising to over 4,000 meters in the Caucasus Mountains. Green valleys and sparkling glaciers attract hiking and nature lovers. UNESCO inscribed the region on the World Heritage List in 1996 for its natural beauty and unique cultural heritage, stimulating tourism in the area. Many local businesses now offer guided tours and activities for visitors.

History of the region

Svanetia is a historic region of Georgia, with a history dating back over 2000 years. Once populated by Caucasian tribes, the region became an important center of Orthodox Christianity in the Middle Ages, with the construction of numerous churches and monasteries. The inhabitants of Svanetia built stone towers to defend themselves against enemy invaders, which are now considered emblematic symbols of the region. Although Svanetia has undergone many conquests over the centuries, the Svans, the indigenous mountain people, have preserved their unique cultural identity and architectural heritage, which can still be seen in mountain villages today. Today, Svanetia is a popular tourist destination for nature lovers, hikers, history buffs and culture buffs. The medieval villages have retained their charm, with stone houses and traditional Orthodox churches, while the stone towers, some over 1000 years old, are a major attraction for visitors.

A tourist region

Svanetia is an exceptional travel destination, combining adventure, nature and fascinating culture. Visit historic towns, admire imposing mountains and discover the unique culture of the Svans. Visitors can enjoy a memorable experience.

Svanetia is a place where adventure, nature and culture meet to offer an unforgettable travel experience. With a variety of activities, from hiking in summer to snowboarding in winter. Travelers can enjoy nature at its best. Local cuisine is another reason to visit Svanetia. This region’s traditional dishes such as kubdari and tchakhokhbili are tasty and hearty. Local culture is alive and well, and local people are proud of their heritage and happy to share it with visitors. The people of Svanetia are known for their hospitality and generosity, which makes the visit even more enjoyable.

Top 10 things to do in Svanetia

  1. Mountain walks: Svanetia is famous for its breathtaking mountain scenery. Hikers can explore the many mountain trails and enjoy views of the mountains and gorges.
  2. The stone towers are an emblematic symbol of the culture and architectural heritage of Svanetia. Visitors can tour the restored towers to learn more about their history.
  3. Svanetia is home to many unique medieval churches, such as the Jvari church and the Dzhvari church. Visitors can explore these historic buildings to discover the rich religious culture of the region.
  4. Ancient monasteries: Svanetia also boasts several ancient monasteries, such as Nakipari Monastery and Chkondidi Monastery. Visitors to these historic sites can learn more about monastic life in Svanetia.
  5. Visitors can discover local culinary specialties. You can stay in guest houses or take part in cooking classes.
  6. It’s a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Offering activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding. Visitors can also explore the region’s many lakes and rivers.
  7. Visitors can discover local culture by taking part in festivals and visiting local museums.
  8. Attend folk music concerts in Svanetia. live in mountain villages.
  9. Handicrafts: Svanetia is famous for its talented craftsmen. Visitors can buy handicrafts such as carpets, clothes and jewelry in local stores.
  10. You can meet the locals. The Svans are proud of their culture and heritage, and are known for their hospitality.

Trekking in Svanetia

Svanétie, view of Shkhara mountain from the town of Ushguli.

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Explore nature and culture in Georgia on an immersive hiking adventure. Discover breathtaking landscapes, meet local people and enjoy an unforgettable experience in traditional guesthouses.

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